A dwarf merchant who seeks the player's help in the Fallcrest inn.


Traevus is a Dwarf merchant who approaches the players in the Fallcrest Inn seeking aid. His caravan was hijacked by Goblin raiders, led by a mysterious man on a horse mount. He seeks the players help and gives them the following quests:

1) Recover a box that was stolen from the caravan. It contains a valuable treasure.
2) Discover the identity of the mysterious rider who lead the Goblin raid.

Traevus has promised the players compensation in the form of gold for completing these quests.

When pressed about the contents of the box by Sharrn, he acted suspicious and would not reveal it’s contents.


Traevus’s background is a mystery at this time. He is not native to Fallcrest, so the townspeople are not able to vouch for his trustworthiness.


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