A fledgling white dragon who makes his home in the Twisting Halls of an old Minotaur temple.


HP: 128
AC: 15, Fortitude: 15, Reflex: 11, Will: 13
Speed: 6
Alignment: Evil
Languages: Common, Draconic

Has Darkvision

Resist: 5 Cold
Saving Throws: +5

Savage Blood: Crits on rolls of 17-20.

Standard Actions:
*Bite: Melee 2 (one creature) +6 vs. AC; Hit 1d12 + 6 + 5 cold damage

Claws: Melee 2 (one or two creatures) +6 vs. AC; Make the attack twice, attacking two targets or twice against one target; Hit 1d12 + 4 damage

Breath Weapon: (Recharge on 5 or 6 d6 roll) Close Blast 5 (creatures in the blast) +4 vs. Reflex; Hit 2d8 + 4 cold damage, and target is slowed (save ends); Miss: Half damage.

Triggered Actions:
Tail Slap:
Trigger: Dragon hit by creature flanking; Immediate Reaction: Melee 2 (triggering creature) +4 vs. Fortitude; 1d12 + 4 damage, triggering creature is pushed 3 squares.

Bloodied Breath:
Trigger: Dragon becomes bloodied. Effect: Free Action. Breath weapon is recharged and used.


A young white dragon. Loves his treasure. Proud. Believes that Malarath is placating him, and only suffers his insolence because he is a steady source of gold.


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