Dinner for Dragons

Twisting Halls Part 3

The party finished the previous session by killing Kurrash the bugbear and his goblins. They enter the next room from the door to the west.

The party opens the door to a large chamber. The stench of death fills the air. A necromancer, Malarath, is seen looming over the open box which he took from Traevus’ wagon. He acknowledges the party just long enough to recognize their presence. “This is who Traevus sends to destroy me. Pathetic. Kill them all.”

Three animated skeleton’s make their way toward the party and engage them in battle. The animated corpse of a large Ogre is also in the room, but cannot make his way to the party because of his allies. As the party dispatches a skeleton soldier and incidentally hit Malarath with an area attack. This draws his ire, which causes him to strike the party with a large, powerful area effect of his own, which also strengthens his remaining undead allies.

The party focus’s its efforts and dispatches another skeleton. To avoid another large area attack, the party hastily kill Malarath before dispatching the rest of his minions. Once Malareth falls, the third skeleton soldier is finished off, and the Ogre Zombie is dispatched.

The party searches the room and finds some magic Cloth Armor and Rod Implement, along with some gold which is split between the members. The box that Traevus had sent the players to retrieve for him contained a skull seething with dark shadow magic.

The players spend some time searching the remainder of the room, looking to see if they can divine the intentions of either Malarath or Traevus from the remaining items. After some deliberation, it is decided that the best course of action when returning to Fallcrest would be to have the skull destroyed at the temple there.

Not forgetting the bargain they made with Farallax, the fledgling white dragon, the player stops at his chamber on their way out and retrieves the reward promised, a set of magic Hide Armor. The players agree it is best to leave the temple and make camp to recover their strength before heading back to Fallcrest and confronting Traevus. Now that the challenge is complete, they all feel stronger from the experience.

That wraps up the Twisting Halls adventure. The players were successful, and have reached level 2. We concluded the night before heading back to Fallcrest, which will lead us into the next adventure: The Dungeon of the Ghost Tower. This is adventure will be a direct follow-up to the story told here.



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