Dinner for Dragons

Twisting Halls Part 2

The Party continues their journey into the temple

We left the party at the conclusion of the Chess room last session and picked up from there. There was only one door to go through, so the party did so.

The party opens up the door leading away from the chess room. The adjoining room contained an alter to the dark god Baphomet as well as a large statue of the deity. A smaller statue of the high priestess occupied another corner. Occupying the room were four members of the Fallcrest guard. Three were armed with halberds and one with a long-sword. The guards quickly moved into a defensive position, using the lengths of their halberds to their advantage.

During the fight, it was found that one of the guards was an impostor, a Doppelganger who was posing as one of their own. When it appeared that the tide of battle was turning against him, he attempted to escape, but to no avail. The remaining guards continued to fight until the death.

Searching the room and ransacking the corpses, the party found a Potion of Healing, which was given to Xavier, as well as some gemstones placed as the eyes of Baphomet. The party took the gemstones to sell and split the proceeds between the members. Sir Gwendolyn also procured some candles from the cursed alter, which did not have any monetary value.

A pretty straight-forward combat. This one took forever, as the guards were all soldier monsters, which have high defensive values. Since our party doesn’t seem to have the best luck with the dice, there were many misses. However, the party prevailed and moved on.

The party was then faced with a choice of two paths. They chose the path leading to what was clearly a storage area. This was confirmed when opening the door to reveal large stacks of crates in the room. Additionally, two Goblin cutthroats occupied the room, and engaged the party, regardless of the Sharn’s attempts to speak with them about establishing a collective bargaining union.

The two goblins were dispatched quickly, but the noise from the fight had alerted third Goblin cutthroat and their Bugbear commander in the adjacent rooms. The third goblin fell quickly to the might of the party. The bugbear, named Kurrash, was a different matter. He handily took down Benicia’s spirit companion, Cullen, with a single blow. Basking in that success, he made his way to Xavier and brought his fury down upon the Dragonborn. Kurrash’s efforts, however, were in vain. The might of the party was simply too much for the Bugbear, and he fell before them.

Standing over his foe, Xavier reached down and claimed Kurrash’s Blood-drinker Greataxe as his own. The remainder of the party searched the crates in the storage room. Unfortunately, nothing of significant value was found. The remaining path is clear to the party. Malareth will be next to speak for his actions.

This battle was the best we’ve had so far in my opinion. Compared to the last fight, the cutthroats were easy. Skirmisher type monsters have high mobility, but it was of limited usefulness in the smaller room. Their defenses crumbled for the party. The Bugbear, however, was much more dangerous. In addition to having much more HP, he hit like a truck. There were a few close calls for Xavier. Fortunately, everyone was on their toes and were able to focus him down quickly.

Next up will be Malareth. While he isn’t hugely difficult, it will be a bit more of a jump in difficulty. Hopefully the party is ready for him and his goons.



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